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Starting Vocation Equipped with a sword and shield, Fighters offer a good balance of offense and defense and serve on the party’s front lines.
Primary Weapon One-handed Sword
Secondary Weapon Shield

[edit] Strength and Role

  • Defense: The Fighter class offer a variety of defensive capabilities that allows them to serve as a versatile 'tank' character for the party giving ranged and offensive classes the ability to deal damage from further away
  • Offense: The Figher has at their disposable an arsenal of deadly sword attacks ranging from dashing attacks that allow the Fighter to charge in at close quarters to the enemy to skills that allow them to skewer enemies behind the safe confines of a shield.
  • Combat Utility: This class is able to grab characters and launch them into the air in order to grab, and take down, airborne enemies with their Shield Toss Skill, making them invaluable allies when facing flying critters.

[edit] Skills

  • Shield Strike: Strikes the foe with their shield. Causes little damage but forces them to drop their weapon(s).
  • Flesh Skewer: Thrusts the blade into the targets body, pinning them where they stand while attacking with a flurry of blades.
  • Blink Strike: Rushes towards the foe and imparts critical damage onto them.

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